Artist's Statement

The painting process is a core thing in my life that everything else pivots around. I feel we have a primal need to make things, it is how we keep connected to the earth and ourselves.

The art process is a conversation with yourself and the world. It is how I express myself and how I work things out. I find it magical that a still life can be about human relationships, a landscape can be a plea to not rip out nature's beauty, a portrait can be about the getting of wisdom.

The viewer doesn't always get the meaning behind the painting but I don't think that matters. A painting is more likely to engage a viewer if there is meaning  or a story involved. It is a difficult thing to talk about the spirit of a painting but I think you know if it's there. It's the quest for those magical moments that keeps you painting.

My paintings do reflect my life, my love of intimate spaces, my passion for the garden, my walks in the bush or along the beach. I don't intentionally follow themes in my work but I do head to the studio with an intention for the day. The intention is not necessarily anything profound, it can just be exploring a new colour combination or the determination to wrestle with a painting that is proving elusive.

The joy of painting is that you are always learning. When you start to think you're a bit clever, painting can remind you of how much there is to learn.

I didn't study art when I left school but I think I have been a more contented person since I have embraced  art, art learning and art journeying. Art is connected to everything else.

Glenda Charles